Based on the principle of continuous customer satisfaction, our authorised services are committed to providing the best service to their customers with their competent experience and qualified teams in maintenance-repair and warranty operations. A corporate and professional portfolio is offered to our customers with training programmes, modern diagnostic devices, documentation management and ERP solutions.

Our Standards

  • Friendly welcome
  • Minimum time loss with appointment system
  • Service targeting customer comfort
  • Instant information throughout the process
  • Customer satisfaction survey at the end of the process
  • Serial service with ERP solutions
  • Customer orientated process
  • Access to original spare parts
  • High performance with periodic maintenance
  • Effective diagnostics with professional teams
  • Accurate detection with modern diagnostic equipment
  • Technical information about the repair process
  • Periodic maintenance services
  • Manufacturer-approved fluid and filter changes
  • Component-based special maintenance
  • Customer-friendly costs
  • Green operations
  • 24/7 roadside assistance support
  • Customer-oriented immediate solutions

Customer Support Line