Our company is a pioneer in the bus and metrobus industry by providing quality, safe and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Our mission is to encourage continuous development by enabling our employees to utilize their potential at the highest level and to make our company globally competitive.






Guided by a people-oriented culture, our company aims to exceed the expectations of our employees and customers by creating an environment that supports creativity. Our vision is to add value to future generations in line with the principle of sustainability and to leave a positive impact on society.






Employee Rights and Justice

Our Company offers equal opportunities to all employees and does not discriminate. It has an objective and transparent evaluation system and career planning to ensure fairness among employees.





Training and Development

We provide continuous training and development opportunities to ensure that our employees utilize their potential at the highest level. Special training programs are created to support the career goals of each employee.






Safe and Healthy Working Environment

The safety and health of our employees is our top priority. We continuously strive to provide a working environment that complies with occupational health and safety standards and encourage the participation of our employees in this regard.





Business Ethics and Professionalism

Our Company sets an ethical standard in the business world by adhering to ethical values and expects its employees to comply with the same principles.






Employee Participation

We value the opinions of our employees and encourage them to contribute to the continuous development of our company. We keep communication channels open and we care about employee feedback.

This policy reflects our company's basic principles on human resources management. By complying with this policy, our employees will take pride in being valuable stakeholders who contribute to the success of our company.